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  1. Family Essentials Kit
    Family Essentials Kit
    Includes the top 10 oils in 5ml bottles and onGuard & Peppermint Beadlets. It is the mini version of the Home Essentials Kit (sans diffuser and smaller bottles of EO). It is a great kit to get started with oils on a budget.
  2. Home Essentials Kit
    Home Essentials Kit
    Includes the TOP 10 core oils (in 15ml bottles - 3x the amount of the smaller kits) that every home needs plus a diffuser (runs for up to 4 hs) to begin using your oils right away. It's the perfect kit for those ready to fully utilize these potent natural solutions to cleanse the air, keep their family healthy, and create a serene environment.
  3. Natural Solutions Kit
    Natural Solutions Kit
    My FAV! This kit has all you need to make over your family wellness tools and take a major leap to lessen your toxic load. You'll get core essential oils, some of the most popular oil blends for mental health, diffuser, Vitamins, and much more! have the opportunity to earn more FREE product! It truly is the best value with loads of goodies!
  4. Every Oil Kit
    Every Oil Kit
    This kit is the one that most wish they would have started with once they experience the vast benefits of essential oils. You get EVERY OIL doTERRA harvests. It is the ultimate way to get started, you won’t regret this crème de la crème kit. You have the opportunity to earn $200 in free product. ASK ABOUT ADDITIONAL DISCOUNT totaling 50% off.*
  5. Aromatouch Diffused Kit
    Aromatouch Diffused Kit
    This kit includes doTERRA Balance, Lavender, Melaleuca, doTERRA OnGuard, AromaTouch, Deep Blue, Wild Orange, Peppermint Fractionated Coconut Oil (4 oz), Petal Diffuser! This kit can help support your immune and more!
Congrats on making it this far.  I know how overwhelming it can all seem.  You are worth it!  

doTERRA is changing the way healthcare is delivered and Wellness Advocates like me are empowering people with these natural solutions.  We are not doctors (leave that up to the medical and scientific board at doTERRA HQ!) and we’re not prescribing, diagnosing, treating or claiming to cure anything. IN essence, we are the doorway to natural and holistic practices that you otherwise might have been kept in the dark about.

Essential oils are my go-tos for my family of 10.   

If we have a tummy ache… I reach for an essential oil.

If we need support in staying focused and on task … I reach for an essential oil.

If I want to reduce fine lines or correct a blemish … I reach for an essential oil.

If I want to get a really good night’s sleep for myself or children… I reach for an essential oil.

If I want to protect my family from seasonal threats.. I reach for an essential oil.

You get the idea -- go-tos for all needs as the first and often last line of defense.   

Living an essential oil lifestyle means turning to what God created, first. It allows our bodies to work at their optimim without synthetic, nasty toxins.

I'm Lena, a mama of eight homegrown kids (5 months to 22 yo), wife to high school sweetheart, home-educator, joy seeker, and tinkerer. I love to empower other mamas, find creative ways to reuse items, make things pretty, and thrive in simplicity. I’m also a birth doula that supports families safely through the gentle, peaceful and joyful birth experience they deserve.   I'm here to educate you on essential oils and other nautral health solutions.

You may be hesitatant to get started with essential oils, asking yourself, “Why are these oils that are distilled from plants SO expensive?” I was once the skeptic.  Read on for a simple breakdown – then review the featured enrollment kits.

There are 250 drops of essential oil in a 15ml bottle.  One application is about 2-3 drops.  That means that one bottle can go a long ways!

I’d say it’s a rather small price to pay. These oils are included in most starter kits.  Don't foget to factor in the mentorship, education, and community you'll gain.  
Get started with us 
Step  1:    Click Here -

Step 2:   Choose the Wholesale Customer option - unless you’re wanting to start the business right away then you would choose the Wellness Advocate option. There is no cost difference - and if you start as a customer - you can change to Wellness Advocate in a couple of months at no charge! The Enroller + Sponsor ID box should already be filled for you. But if not - enter 4634861 in the box.

Step 3:  Fill in your personal info

Step 4:  Choose whichever starter kit fits your needs and add any additional items at the 25% off price to your cart.  { Here are US kits}
 *Note: If you don’t want to begin with one of the starter kits - you can create your own by selecting the Introductory Packet {$35} and then adding a few items to your cart at the 25% off price. You can view the Product Catalog here

 Step 5: Finalize your shipping and payment options.  Click “Process Order Now & Continue”

Once you check out – email me at for a free gift and access to our exclusive FB group!

Your oils will arrive in 3-5 days!

Do I have to order monthly?
You do NOT have to order monthly or ever again if you chose! Our hope is that our community educates and empowers you to meet your wellness goals with natural solutions and essential oils.   There are ways to purchase monthly for an added discount but it's not required.

Do I have to sell or meet a quota?
Nope! You do not have to share, sell, meet quotas, etc…to enjoy your wholesale membership. In fact,  you can’t sell the oils as a Wholesale Costumer until you upgrade.  You don’t have to fret, I don’t bug my customers about selling the oils. If you do have a desire to build a business with us please select the Wholesale Advocate option so we can best support and mentor you!  

Is there a Return Policy?
Yes, doTERRA offers a return policy because they are confident in the quality of their oils/products and desire you to be happy with your oils.  You can read the return policy in detail  here.

What If I don’t know how to use them?
You're in the right place for education & support! Upon joining our community you will receive welcome info, access to our exclusive Facebook member only group, and a wellness consultation where we chat with you one on one about your needs.

Typically people start essential oils with one of our enrollment kits. You'll get a great supply of oils to have an impact on your journey at the best value. 

Starter kits will include: 
  • Wholesale membership --  25-55% savings on future  orders
  • No obligation to sell the oils or purchase monthly
  • FREE 30-minute phone consult to help you use your new oils and create wellness goals
  • Exclusive training and support through our oil community

If for some reason none of the kits featured (here) fit your requiremnts, let me know so I can help you with your specific needs.

We can add ANY oils  and if you just want to order one oil for now,  that’s fine, too!

I take great care to help people get these oils in their hands in a way that best fits their family's health & financial needs.  
There are a few other starter kits, but the ones listed here are my most popular in all price ranges and level of  natural health interest.  

Still have questions? Contact us to schedule a time to talk about your specific needs before you get started.





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